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Break at intersection with mastercam

Select Break at intersection from the Edit, Trim / Break dropdown menus. Break at intersection function Use this function to select one or more intersecting line, arc, or spline entities and break them at each intersection. Use selection masks, the Single selection, or Window selection methods to select the entities …

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Mastercam Select All and Select Only overview

On the General Selection ribbon bar, choose either the All button for Select All or the Only button for Select Only. Select All and Select Only dialog boxes The following two dialog boxes let you set selection masks, which restrict entity selection to defined sets of criteria: Select All dialog …

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View functions in mastercam Fit

Choose Views, Fit. Fit Use this function to maximize your view of visible geometry in the graphics window. When you use this function, the system positions and sizes the displayed geometry to fill as much of the graphics area as possible. In addition to using the View menu, you can …

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Right-click menus in mastercam

Mastercam provides a number of right-click menus. For example, in the Toolpath Manager tab, right-click to access an extensive list of functions and submenus for working with machine groups, toolpath groups, toolpaths, operations, setup sheets and more. In the Toolpath parameters dialog box and tab, right-click to choose from a …

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