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Mastercam Surface to Surface ribbon bar

Choose Create, Surface, Trim, To Surfaces. Surface to Surface ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to trim surfaces at intersections between two sets of surfaces, one of which must contain only one surface, and trim one or both of the sets of surfaces. Select the surface you want …

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Mastercam Line Tangent through point ribbon bar

From Mastercam’s menu, select Create, Line, Tangent through point. Line Tangent through point ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to create a line that is tangent to an arc or spline.     Choose Create, Line, Create Line Tangent through point. Select an arc or spline. Select the …

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Machine Group Program Settings tab in mastercam

Click on the Program settings icon for any Wire machine group in the Toolpath Manager. Program Settings tab (Machine Group Properties dialog box – Wire) Use the Program settings tab to set the program number and sequence numbers to be used when you post process the wirepaths to an NC …

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Mastercam AutoCursor Override feature

AutoCursor Override feature   When selecting positions in the graphics window, you can use Mastercam’s AutoCursor override feature to detect and snap to only one type of point position. Setting an override is particularly helpful when working with complex geometry. To use this feature, click the Override drop-down button (shown …

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Toolpath display in mastercam x7

When you generate a toolpath, Mastercam draws the tool motion in the graphics window. Sometimes the display of multiple toolpaths can obscure the geometry and each other. You may find it simpler to turn off the toolpath display, which you can do using Toolpath Manager options, and shortcut keys (hotkeys). …

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