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Mastercam Fillet ribbon bar

Choose Create, Fillet, Entities. Fillet ribbon bar Use this ribbon bar to apply fillets to existing entities. Before selecting the entities to fillet, choose the fillet style (normal, inverse, circle, clearance), and enter the desired radius value. Then choose the first and second entities. Mastercam’s auto-preview feature displays a temporary …

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Mastercam 2 Surface Blend dialog box

Choose Create, Surface, 2 Surface Blend. 2 Surface Blend dialog box     Use this dialog to blend two surfaces by creating a third surface that is tangent to the first two surfaces. This function is useful for eliminating unwanted features in order to smooth out part of a surface …

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Creating a new toolpath defaults file in mastercam

Creating a new toolpath defaults file Follow these steps to create a new toolpath defaults file. This is a file with a DEFAULTS extension that provides the initial values for new toolpath operations. Begin creating new defaults files from a machine definition already loaded in the Toolpath Manager. 1. In …

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Customizing the Mastercam Operations Manager

Customizing the Operations Manager In the Operations Manager, you can customize the display of: Background colors Line colors Font styles and colors You can do this by clicking the Options button () and using the Options drop-down menu as shown below:   Choose Background color to open the Windows Color …

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