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Mastercam Chamfer ribbon bar

Choose Create, Chamfer, Entities.   Chamfer ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to chamfer existing entities. Before you select the entities to chamfer, choose the chamfer method, and enter the necessary distance and angle values. Then choose the first and second entities. Mastercam’s auto-preview feature displays a temporary …

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Mastercam Surfaces

Surfaces Mastercam lets you create three types of surfaces: Parametric The parametric method of storing surface information is analogous to the parametric method of storing spline information. However, a parametric surface expands each curve segment in a second direction resulting in a patch. A patch is an area of the …

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Working with mastercam toolpath defaults

Working with toolpath defaults When you create a new toolpath or other operation, Mastercam automatically populates the fields on each tab or properties page with default values. These values are stored in a file with a DEFAULTS extension. These defaults are specific for each type of operation; for example, a …

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Mastercam General Selection ribbon bar

The General Selection ribbon bar displays by default. If it is not shown on your screen, choose a function such as a Sketcher function to display General Selection. General Selection ribbon bar     Use the General Selection ribbon bar to select entities in the graphics window for most Mastercam …

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Machine groups in mastercam

Machine groups are created automatically when you select a machine from the Machine Type menu. Mastercam displays machine groups in the Toolpath Manager: Use machine groups store complete jobs for a specific machine. They contain: Toolpaths and other operations Tools Stock model and material selection Pointers to toolpath defaults, your …

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