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Reference geometry

Reference geometry is sketch curves or points created by projecting the model edges, vertices, or work features of another sketch onto the active sketch plane. Reference geometry refers to (is associated with) previously created geometry. You can use reference geometry in a profile or path sketch or to constrain other …

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3D Move or Rotate reference

Access On the ribbon, select 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Grounded Point , and then click a vertex, edge midpoint, sketch point, or work point. Click the triad to show dialog box.  In the Part browser, right-click a feature, and select Move Feature. In the graphics window, right-click and select Triad Move. Select …

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Work planes

Work features are abstract construction geometry used when geometry is insufficient for creating and positioning new features. To fix position and shape, constrain features to work features. On the ribbon, use the 3D Model tab  Work Features panel  Plane command to define a work plane using feature vertices , edges , faces , or other work features. Except in an assembly, you …

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Project work feature into sketch

Work features cannot be created or edited in a sketch, but you can use the Project command on the Sketch tab to project them to a sketch. Create work features as needed. To create a sketch, click the 2D Sketch command, and then click a plane or face to set …

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Constrain line or ellipse to be collinear

The collinear constraint causes selected lines or ellipse axes to lie on the same line. On the ribbon, click Sketch tab  Constrain panel  Collinear Constraint  . Click the first line or ellipse axis. Click a second line or ellipse axis. Continue to place collinear constraints, or do one of the following to quit: Right-click, and select …

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Constraints in sketches

Constraints are automatically applied as you sketch. The constraint symbol on the cursor shows the constraint type. Constraints prevent unwanted changes to a feature when dimensions are changed or referenced geometry is moved. You can add or edit constraints and dimensions to control sketch shape and size. Before you add constraints , …

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