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Offset style-line dialog

Use the Offset style-line dialog to specify the offset distance for a style-line, stitch line, punch curve and accessory curve. Enter the Offset distance. Enter a negative value to change the side of the offset. If required, click Create another to create another offset distance. When you have set all …

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Views toolbar in delcam shoe

Click to select rendering in ShoeMaker. Click Advanced to select options on the Advanced Render Settings dialog. Click Setup to select options on the Render Setup dialog. Click Render. Click OK when you have completed the render operation  

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Level dialog delcam crispin

Use this dialog to name and display levels. The above example shows the pre-set level options in their default view settings. You can change these, but as the program can handle up to 1000 levels, it is recommended that you leave the pre-sets in place and create more levels when …

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