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Offset style-line dialog

Use the Offset style-line dialog to specify the offset distance for a style-line, stitch line, punch curve and accessory curve. Enter the Offset distance. Enter a negative value to change the side of the offset. If required, click Create another to create another offset distance. When you have set all …

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Using the Last Identification Wizard

Use the Last Identification Wizard to create a shoe last by selecting a series of points and surfaces from a model of a shoe. Once the last has been created, it can be used by other processes; for example, the Last Editor. Tip for using the Last Identification Wizard: You …

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Using ShoeMaker

Use the ShoeMaker toolbars to move through the design process. Select one of the following design buttons on the Main toolbar, to display the corresponding toolbars on the left of the screen:

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View > Render

Select this option to render a model to create a photo-realistic image. Orientate and position your model as required. Select View > Render to display the Render dialog. Click Advanced to display the Advanced Render Settings dialog. Click Setup to display the Render Setup dialog. Click Render to render the …

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