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Last Editing

Use the Last Editing dialog to assign values and select options associated with the different parameters of a last. Enter the values for the following parameters. Alternatively, use the up and down arrows to set the value. Stick length to specify the length of the last, measured using projection on …

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Working with lasts in shoemaker

When designing from a last in ShoeMaker you will use one of the following techniques: Work from the Confirmed last. This is a complete model of the physical last that will be made during manufacture. When you use this method, you would normally create upper pieces on the outside of …

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Using ShoeMaker

Use the ShoeMaker toolbars to move through the design process. Select one of the following design buttons on the Main toolbar, to display the corresponding toolbars on the left of the screen:

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View > Mesh Representation

Use the options on this submenu to specify the display mode for triangles in a mesh. Use the following options to specify the way the mesh is displayed: No Edges displays the mesh as open edges only. Selecting this option is the same as clicking on the Views toolbar. Solid …

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