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Align in delcam shoe

Use this tab to define the alignment points on the last. Select the From point on the last Select the To point on the last. Using three pairs of points to align Click Start. Select three pairs of points. Each pai of points must consist of one point on the …

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Last editing – Toe spring

Choose a Toe Spring option to specify the method used to bend the last. Select one of the following options: From vamp to bend the front portion of the last from a plane parallel to the girth plane and passing through the vamp point. From girth to bend the front …

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Curves on the last

Use the second page of the Last Identification Wizard to select the curves on the last. Different versions of this page are displayed if you are using: unified last. STL file. Select the top curve Top curve.

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Format menu in delcam shoemaker

Use this menu to specify the settings to be used when rendering: Transparency Lights Format > Transparency Use the options on the submenu to create transparency on a shaded object. Select the objects that are to be given transparency. Select Format > Transparency to create transparency on a shaded object, …

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Starting ShoeMaker

From the Start menu select All Programs. Select Delcam. Select ShoeMaker. Select the ShoeMaker2012 R2. Alternatively, double-click the ShoeMaker icon on your desktop. After a brief wait, the program starts up. A new large window appears on the screen. This is Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker Getting help with ShoeMaker Use one …

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