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Last editing – Heel height

Use this dialog to change the heel height by bending the portion of the last behind the girth plane. Use the Heel seat length slider to move a semi-transparent plane to change the portion between this plane and the girth plane. Moving the slider to change the heel seat length …

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Adding pipe, punch or lace symbols to a library

Use the following steps to add pipe, punch or lace symbols to the appropriate library Select the appropriate button (Pipe, Punch or Lace) from the main toolbar. When creating a symbol in pipe or lace mode, only one item can be selected at a time. It is possible to select …

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General setup in delcam Crispin

Specify the operation of ShoeMaker using the options on the Footwear > General dialog: Select Auto-filtering if only items relevant to the current mode should be available for selection. If this option is deselected, all items are available for selection. Select Next selection to display the Choose selection box if …

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