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Use this dialog to specify the options for flattening an unflattened last. Select one of the following as the Last type: Normal. Boot. Use the slider to specify the Average piece thickness.The corresponding value is displayed. Alternatively, enter a value; the slider is adjusted to reflect the value you entered. …

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Work with library in delcam shoemaker

Click  to display the Manage libraries dialog. The dialog that is displayed depends on the object type. Click Add a library. The dialog that is displayed depends on the object type. Specify the location of the object to be added to the library: Lasts, Materials and Stitch: Use the Browse for …

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Units and Tolerances setup in delcam shoemaker

Define the length and angle units and the tolerance defaults for the active model using the Units and Tolerances dialog. Standard – This drop-down-list shows the standard used for the active model. You can change it by clicking the arrowhead and selecting one of the following standards: ANSI BDC BSI …

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What is a menu in shoemaker?

Most functionality in ShoeMaker can be controlled from options on the main menu. These expand from the menu bar that is permanently displayed across the top of the window. In most cases, functionality that is available from the options on the main menu is also available from one of the …

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