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Use this dialog to specify the options for flattening an unflattened last. Select one of the following as the Last type: Normal. Boot. Use the slider to specify the Average piece thickness.The corresponding value is displayed. Alternatively, enter a value; the slider is adjusted to reflect the value you entered. …

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Adding an accessory to the library

Enter the Name of the accessory. For lugs, the name should be in the format: Lug***** Select the Category name from the drop-down list. Select one or more of the following to specify the attachments that were created on the accessory: Default attachment. Top attachment. Bottom attachment. Click one of …

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Properties setup in delcam shoemaker

Use the Properties dialog to specify various settings associated with operation and appearance of ShoeMaker. Save Time Warning At regular intervals, a warning can be displayed to tell you when you last saved a model. You can set the time interval or turn off the warning. Warning Time Delay – …

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ShoeMaker screen layout

ShoeMaker uses a Windows-style interface with pull-down menus and toolbars. The areas of the screen are identified as follows: The exact toolbars that are displayed depends on the creation, modelling or editing option you have selected. In additio:

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