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Appendix – Multiple Plates artcampro

To use Multiple Plates an Excel file must be generated and saved as a .csv file. House Numbers Example   Create a new model of size X900 and Y1200, with a thickness of 10mm. Create a rectangle of width 400, Height 150, Corner Radii of 50 at X0 Y0. Create …

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Toolpath Templates artcampro

Toolpath Templates. A Toolpath Template is a file containing one or more unprocessed machining strategies stored outside ArtCAM as a tpl file. A previously stored Toolpath Template is imported into ArtCAM and the associated machining strategies can be then edited (if required) before the toolpaths are regenerated for the current …

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Relief Editing artcampro

There are several ArtCAM options available to directly edit a Relief model. Lizard Relief Example Open the model Lizard.art from D:\users\training\ArtCam Data\. Save the model as:- D:\user\training\COURSEWORK\ArtCAMPro-Jobs\training-lizard The overall height of this lizard can be reduced by using the Scale Relief Height function. The option, Preserve Detail if selected will take longer to process but will retain features which otherwise may be …

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Overview artcampro

The 3D Blend creates the relief form either inside a closed vector or between 2 closed vectors. The height and shape across the void is controlled by a series of standard, cross sectional forms or a user defined Z modulation curve. Star Example Open the model star-blend.art from D:\users\training\ArtCam Data …

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