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Drilling artcampro

In the Toolpaths window, 2D Toolpaths section there is a Drilling option, which uses selected vectors for defining the hole positions. The hole positions are defined either central to circle vectors, at vector nodepoints, at a vector dimensional centre, or on the Plunge Move positions of a selected 2D Toolpath. …

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Machine Relief & 3D Rest artcampro

Overview These provide finishing strategies, which project a toolpath over the surface Relief while adjusting for tool geometry and settings. 3D Machining Example The following example takes the user through the creation of semi-finishing and finishing toolpaths as a continuation to the Z Level Roughing created in the previous chapter. …

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Introduction artcampro

Introduction. ArtCAM Pro allows complex Reliefs (ArtCAM 3D models) to be created quickly and easily from 2D vectors (ArtCAM wireframe) or bitmaps (Image files). These vectors and bitmaps can be generated within ArtCAM or imported from other systems. ArtCAM can also import 3D Surface data, which is translated on entry …

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