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System Browser Revit mep

The System Browser, shown in Figure 9.5, summarizes all the systems currently in the model. If that were all that it did, it would be a useful design tool. You could keep track of all the air and water in the building and see your system totals at a glance. But the System Browser in Revit MEP 2012 takes this idea a step further; it is a live link to the components in the system as well
as their parameters. You have full control to modify the airflows, equipment types, and diffuser selection, all from a single window.
You can access the System Browser from the Analyze tab or the keyboard shortcut F9. The first thing you should set up are the columns it displays. The System Browser can get very large, so a second monitor is helpful. You can access the Column Settings dialog box by clicking the Column Settings button in the upper-right corner of the dialog box, which gives you an expandable list of the information that can be referenced in the model (see Figure 9.6).

Obviously, not every parameter will be filled out for every part of the system, and some of the parameters will not be useful on a day-to-day basis. The columns you choose to display will rely on your personal preferences and how you model your systems. For example, Space Number and Space Name will populate only if the element and space touch. If spaces are bound by the
ceiling, and terminal boxes exist above the ceiling, they will not be associated with a space. You will need to use the Show command to find lost terminal boxes. To do this, right-click any element in the System Browser and select Show.

Ideally, every connection on every piece of equipment would be associated with a system, and the Unassigned system category would be empty. This may not be realistic on a large job or where manufacturer content is being used. You may not model every condensate drain, but if the manufacturer has provided a connection point for it, there will be a listing in the System
Browser. If your firm decides to use the System Browser to carefully monitor the systems and elements in the model, you may want to eliminate connectors that you will not be using to keep things clean. To do this, you will have to create a duplicate family and remove the connectors you do not want to use

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