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Synchronization Manager overview siemens NX

The synchronization manager is the interactive tool for all synchronization tasks accomplished within the NC program. It allows you to modify your NC program to optimize idle times and tool usage. It shows your NC program separated into channels that represent the carriers in the Tool view of the operation navigator. It shows you machining times, synchronization and dwell events. With the synchronization manager you can:

  • Insert synchronization events to chronologically re-align the channel events and to identify the primary turret which the controller uses to regulate the surface speed and spindle rotation speed.

  • Insert dwell events to designate a time position where one turret or multiple turrets should wait or pause for a specified number of spindle revolutions or seconds.

  • Drag & drop operations to re-order the contents of the channel lists. Do this before adding synchronization or dwell events.

  • Jump to a specific synchronization event.

  • Calculate the time duration for each move in the tool path.

  • Use the time bar chart to see a visual representation of the synchronization. The machining times are illustrated as bars over a time axis. You can zoom in to have a detailed look at a specific area in the time chart.

  • Expand or collapse the channel lists to show an overview or more detailed program information.

  • View machine code.

  • Configure the displayed channels.

  • Simulate the synchronized program in the graphics window with easy-to-use controls.

  • Show a specific machine state at any point in the program.

  • Configure the simulation to show collisions while the simulation is running. You can define collision pairs or the desired simulation speed without leaving the synchronization module.

  • Configure the simulation to show material removal during simulation. You can define the color and transparency of the In-Process Workpiece display in the simulation options.

  • Post process the NC program.

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