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Using face-hosted lighting switch families will keep your switches coordinated with the locations of their host walls. This does not mean that the movement of doors will not affect the hosting of your switches. Because you cannot constrain your switches to a distance from a door in a linked file, if the door moves so that the switch is in the door opening, you will see the warning
shown in Figure 12.13 that the switch has lost its association with the host.
You can associate your switches with the lighting fixtures that they operate provided that the switch family Part Type parameter is set to Switch.

To create a switch system, do the following:
1. Select a lighting fixture, and click the Switch button on the Create Systems panel of the Modify | Lighting Fixtures contextual tab. This changes the ribbon to the Modify | Switch System contextual tab.

On the System Tools panel of this tab, you have options to select the switch to be used for the system and to edit the system. Editing the system will allow you to add or remove elements and view the properties of the switch system. Click the Select Switch button, and select the desired switch in the drawing area. You can also choose a switch from the Switch ID drop-down menu on the Options Bar.
2. After selecting a switch, the Add To System button on the Edit Switch System panel remains highlighted, and you can select the lighting fixtures to be included in the system.
Click the Finish Editing System button to complete your switch system.
3. To view the system, place your mouse pointer over any item that is part of the system and press the Tab key. This highlights the system elements and indicates their connectivity with dashed lines.
4. With the dashed lines highlighted, click to select the system.
A switch system can contain only one switch, so for lighting fixtures controlled by multiple switches, such as three-way switches, you will be able to select only one switch for the system.
In the example shown in Figure 12.14, the three-way switch at the lower end of the room would also control the lighting fixtures but cannot be added as part of the switch system highlighted and indicated with dashed lines.
Switches can be assigned an ID by using the Switch ID parameter, which will help identify their relationship with lighting fixtures. This parameter exists in families that are categorized as Lighting Devices. When you select a lighting fixture and access the Switch Systems tab, you will see the ID of the switch associated with that light fixture in parentheses, in the System Selector
drop-down on the System Tools panel of the tab.Creating switch systems is independent of any circuiting of the lighting fixtures and switches. You will still need to include the switches in the power circuit for the lighting fixtures
if you want to remove them from the Unassigned category in the System Browser. Having as many elements as possible assigned to systems will help improve the overall performance of your model.


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