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Starting ShoeMaker

  1. From the Start menu select All Programs.
  2. Select Delcam.
  3. Select ShoeMaker.
  4. Select the ShoeMaker2012 R2.

Alternatively, double-click the ShoeMaker icon on your desktop.

After a brief wait, the program starts up. A new large window appears on the screen.

This is Delcam Crispin ShoeMakerp1

Getting help with ShoeMaker

Use one of the following to get help with Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker:


Context sensitive Help

Status bar Help

Standard on-line Help


Help button on a dialog

Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker Manual


Placing the cursor over a button displays a brief description of the function of the button.


Context sensitive Help

Use Shift + F1 to access context-sensitive help on buttons. When you hold down the Shift key and press F1, is displayed. Move this to the relevant button and click, shown in the example below:


Status bar Help

The status bar displays information when you place the cursor over a button.


On-line Help

  1. Select Help to display the options.p5
  2. Select Contents And Index to display the full Reference Help in the Browser.
  3. You can change the display by selecting the following:

p6Displays the help in the full width of the Browser.

p7Displays the Contents or Index

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