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Starting and Running Commands Autocad

Developing a drawing strategy begins with determining the best way to
start a command and when to start it. The Autodesk® AutoCAD® program
provides several ways to start most of the commands you’ll be using. As you have seen, you can start the OFFSET, FILLET, TRIM, and EXTEND commands from either the Ribbon’s Home tab ➢ Modify panel or by typing the first letter or two of the command and then pressing ↵.
Remember that if you have just ended a command, you can restart that command by pressing ↵, by pressing the spacebar, or by right-clicking. When you right-click, a context menu appears near the cursor. The top item on this menu is Repeat Command, where Command is the last command used. For example,if you’ve just finished using the ERASE command and you right-click, the top item of the context menu is Repeat Erase. If you’ve used a command recently,you can select that command by pausing the cursor (hovering) over the Recent
Input option and then selecting that command from the cascading menu that
appears (see Figure 5.1).

Starting and Running Commands
F igu re 5 . 1 : The right-click context menu and Recent Input cascading menu

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