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Split Body siemens NX

Use the Split Body command to split a solid body or sheet body into multiple bodies using a set of faces or a datum plane. You can also create a sketch internal to the command and either extrude or revolve it to create the splitting tool. This command creates an associative Split Body feature that appears in the history of the model. You can update, edit, or delete the feature.

This command is useful in a modeling approach where multiple parts are modeled as a single part and then split as required. For example, a housing that consists of a base and a cover can be modeled as one part and split later.


Split Body feature

Target body

Splitting plane

Split Body feature


  • When you split a solid body using a face, the face must be large enough to cut through the body completely.

  • For help with creating a split body in a CAE workflow, see Split Body overview in the Advanced Simulation help.

  • In earlier versions of NX, the Split Body command removed all parameters from a solid or sheet body that was split. As of NX 6 this is no longer true. Bodies are no longer automatically de-parameterized when they are split.

Where do I find it?




FeatureTrim Drop-downSplit Body


InsertTrimSplit Body

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