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Sorting views within Groups Revit mep

Once you have established what types of views will be grouped together, you can determine how the views will be sorted in their respective groups. View Name is most often used, because ultimately you have to find the view for which you are looking in the Project Browser. Views can be sorted in either ascending or descending order, alphabetically or numerically.
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Figure 2.2 shows the setup of a view organization that utilizes the Discipline, Sub-Discipline, and Family And Type properties as a grouping structure, with the views sorted by View Name.
Notice how the views are shown in the Project Browser because of this organization.

Schedule views and legends are organized separately from model views. The only control you have over how they are listed is by your naming convention, because they will be listed alphabetically. The sheets used in your project are the only other project element that you can sort and group in the Project Browser. Sheet organization options are discussed later in this chapter.

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