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SolidWorks skill_ how to control points “Loft” command

on our demand. The following is an example; we can analyze deeply how to control joint points in “Loft” basing


To change connective point 1 or 2, we can do as the following:

Step 1: Create sketches to prepare for making “Loft”


On the blue sketch , we have 4 points to connect with the red sketch, however the red one only have 2 points; so how to  do to link 2 points of the red one with any 2 ones of the blue ones and we can control them.

Step 2: Reedit the red sketch to create 4 points on it.


Left or right click and select “Edit Sketch


Right click in the edge which needs to and choose “Split Entities


Choose the points which need to split on the circle arc and set sizes. We have the result as in the above image

Step 3: Select “Loft” in Features tag, and Loft a detail according to two heads of spline and the direction of “Guide Curves”


Click “Ok” to have the result.

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