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Axes Dialog Box solidworks simulation

The Axes dialog box lets you control the appearance of the axes while viewing the results. The axes represent the global or local coordinate system used in the plot definition. To access this PropertyManager, activate a plot with a reference axis or coordinate system. Right-click in the graphics areas and …

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Copying a Result Plot Between Studies

To copy a plot between studies of the same type: In the Simulation study tree, activate the plot that you want to copy by double-clicking on its icon in the source study. Right-click the plot icon and select Copy. In the destination study, right-click the desired result folder and select …

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Section PropertyManager solidworks simulation

The Section PropertyManager allows you to create section views for the displayed result. You define the following sections: Planar sections using any reference plane. Cylindrical sections using a reference axis or a plane. Spherical sections using a reference point, a 3D point, or a vertex. The Section PropertyManager allows you …

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Animating Plots solidworks simulation

Animated plots represent snapshots of plotted data versus time or frequency. If results are available for one step (linear static, frequency, buckling, and steady state thermal analyses), results are linearly interpolated for several frames. Multiple steps are available for transient thermal, nonlinear, dynamic, and drop test studies. Animated plots from …

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Graphing Probed Results solidworks simulation

After using the probe tool to identify results at the desired locations, you can graph the results. You can use this functionality with any plot. Activate the desired plot. Right-click the plot icon and click Probe. In the graphics area, select the entities (nodes, edges, or vertices) to probe the …

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Response Graph PropertyManager solidworks simulation

The Response Graph PropertyManager allows you to generate a frequency graph of the results at certain locations. Response graphs are available for harmonic and random vibration analyses. Response Predefined locations Lists the vertices and reference points you defined as Workflow sensitive sensors. All nodes Lists all nodes in the model. …

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