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Table of Comparison solidworks simulation

The Table of Comparison box displays comparison results between two Simulation studies, or one Simulation study and reference channel data. For each reference channel, the table displays: Name Channel name. Difference (Simulation value – Reference value) / Reference value *100 (%). Component Result component. Reference Value Channel reference value. Simulation …

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Saving Result Plots solidworks simulation

You can save result plots in different formats. To save an active plot, do one of the following: In the Simulation study tree, right-click the active plot icon and select Save As. Click Plot Tools > Save As (Simulation CommandManager) Right-click in the graphics area, and select Save As. In …

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Settings PropertyManager solidworks simulation

bodies Available only when hidden bodies exist. Translucent (Single color) Displays all excluded parts in a single color of your choice. You can adjust the transparency by dragging the slider. Translucent (Part colors) Displays all excluded parts in their shaded mode colors. You can adjust the transparency by dragging the …

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