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Report Options solidworks simulation

Report formats Select a report format. The report formats are customized to the study type. You cannot add new formats to the list. The available formats are: Static Study Format Frequency Study Format Buckling Study Format Thermal Study Format Design Study Format Non-Linear Study Format Drop Test Study Format Fatigue …

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Generating a Report solidworks simulation

The following procedure demonstrates the typical workflow for generating a report. Click Report (Simulation CommandManager). In the dialog box, under Report sections: Select the sections to include. Clear sections that are not included. Add comments and toggle options for each included section. Select an item in the list, then update …

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Probing Mesh Plots solidworks simulation

You can probe the active mesh plot to find the element label closest to the location of clicking, the coordinates of the location in the global coordinate system, and the component to which the location belongs. You can also find the distance between two locations. Create a mesh plot. In …

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Defining a Simulation Data Sensor solidworks simulation

You define sensors to monitor result quantities at a set of locations, mass properties of components or bodies, interferences between components for assemblies, and dimensions. To define a Simulation Data sensor: In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Sensors  and select Add Sensor. In the PropertyManager, under Sensor Type , select …

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