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Simulation Study Tree solidworks simulation

The Simulation study tree organizes an analysis study. Its functionality is similar to the FeatureManager tree. You can use the menu system or the Simulation study tree to manage analysis studies. Because of its intuitive representation and context-sensitive right-mouse menus, the Simulation study tree is preferred over the menu system. …

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Basic Concepts of Analysis solidworks simulation

The software uses the Finite Element Method (FEM). FEM is a numerical technique for analyzing engineering designs. FEM is accepted as the standard analysis method due to its generality and suitability for computer implementation. FEM divides the model into many small pieces of simple shapes called elements effectively replacing a …

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Benefits of Analysis solidworks simulation

After building your model, you need to make sure that it performs efficiently in the field. In the absence of analysis tools, this task can only be answered by performing expensive and time-consuming product development cycles. A product development cycle typically includes the following steps: Building your model. Building a …

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