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Maximum Normal Stress Criterion solidworks simulation

The maximum normal stress criterion also known as Coulomb’s criterion is based on the Maximum normal stress theory. According to this theory failure occurs when the maximum principal stress reaches the ultimate strength of the material for simple tension. This criterion is used for brittle materials. It assumes that the …

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Mohr-Coulomb Stress Criterion solidworks simulation

The Mohr-Coulomb stress criterion is based on the Mohr-Coulomb theory also known as the Internal Friction theory. This criterion is used for brittle materials with different tensile and compressive properties. Brittle materials do not have a specific yield point and hence it is not recommended to use the yield strength …

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Shortcut Menu for Reports solidworks simulation

The following menu items appear when you right-click a report. Show Displays the last saved report. This does not update the report. Publish Regenerates the report including model changes, new images, and changes to the definition of the report. Edit Definition Opens the Report Options dialog box. Include Image Opens …

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Setting Report Locations solidworks simulation

You can set the default report location for new or existing studies. Setting Report Location for New Studies To set the default report location for new studies: Click Simulation > Options. On the Default Options tab, select Report. Under Report publish options, select User defined. Click , browse to the …

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Insert Image solidworks simulation

Inserts images into reports. Images that you insert capture the current state of the model, mesh, or results. If any of these change, these images do not update the next time you publish the report. To access this PropertyManager, do one of the following: In the Simulation study tree, right-click …

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Report Sections solidworks simulation

For most sections in a report, you can add comments in the Section properties Comments box. For some sections, you can set additional options as listed below. Many of these options are self-explanatory and are listed here only for completeness. This table shows the report sections for each report format. …

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