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Product Development Cycles solidworks simulation

The design process is iterative in that a design is continuously modified until it meets acceptance criteria defined by safety, cost, performance, convenience, and shape. An initial design can go through many product development cycles before mass production. A product development cycle includes: Building the model in SolidWorks Prototyping the …

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Design Study Outcomes solidworks simulation

The following tables summarize the expected results for combinations of study quality and variables. Optimization Design Study Variable Type Study Quality High Quality Fast Results Continuous(Range) Operation Finds the optimal solution using many iterations (Box-Behnken design) and displays the initial scenario, optimal scenario and all iterations. Finds the optimal solution …

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Defining Goals solidworks simulation

Define goals to specify your objective functions for the Optimization Design Study. (Not available in SolidWorks Standard and SolidWorks Professional.) On the Variable View or Table View tab of the design study, in Goals section, do one of the following: Select a predefined sensor from the list. Select Add Sensor, …

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Defining Constraints solidworks simulation

Define constraints to specify the conditions that your design must satisfy. The constraints can be driven global variables or sensors for mass properties, dimensions, and simulation data. On the Variable View tab or Table View tab of the design study, in Constraints section, do one of the following: Select a …

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Defining Variables solidworks simulation

Defining Continuous Variables Define continuous variables to perform optimization. You cannot perform an Evaluation Design Study using continuous variables. A continuous variable is one which has any value (whole, rational, and irrational) between the minimum and the maximum values. For example, 2.131567 is a valid value between a minimum value …

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