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SolidWorks skill_ how to fix the sketch when we can check by eyes

When we open any file parts in the SolidWorks, because features are error; it can’t create the wanted block. However we can’t see any fault sign, so today I will guide how to fix the error sketch by using “RepairSketch”. Step 1: In the fault Features, we show and select …

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SolidWorks skill_ how to control points “Loft” command

on our demand. The following is an example; we can analyze deeply how to control joint points in “Loft” basing To change connective point 1 or 2, we can do as the following: Step 1: Create sketches to prepare for making “Loft” On the blue sketch , we have 4 …

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Create quick thread for screw nut when we designed threads for bolt

In case, we fully-design a assembly detail as this bolt, so how to create accurately thread for bolt without cutting thread and also making sure that both are right spline each other. From this lesson, we can apply for creating threads for covers when after fully designed bottles, which is …

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Advanced Fillet – Face Fillet, to create spline fillet better

In the same detail, if we know the way how to control fillet to create interface better, product will be more aesthetic as well as more professional in designing product.  Although left picture creates relatively transition level well, the junction with top cylinder part has bad wrinkling; the right one …

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Multiple Mates – advanced assembly for co-assembly details

              To reduce assemble time for each details which has same mate concentric or face with a standard detail; we consider it as standard and repetitive assembly with others. We only need a tying command; we can do for co-assembly detail group; usually applying …

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Use command Fill Pattern to multiply details according to circle or square

Fill Pattern uses frequently in boring holes, existing shower hole, ventilating holes in electric details… Fill Pattenuses in sheet metal design. We can implement multiplication quickly by using this command Step 1: On sheet metal surface, creating a random spline feature, we pierce a 12Φ hole in here Step 2: …

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