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Solidworks 2015 Tutorial – Line Command


line command
line command

We will follow the below steps:

  1. Line Command is the first step of Sketch Command
  2. On the top of the sketch let click we can see three command: Line Command, Center Command, Midpoint Line
  3. Before using sketch we should select the Plane, there are three basic Plane: Front Plane, Top Plane, Right Plane
  4. Select Front Plane, select the line, and draw line we need two point
  5. Click any point on the screen, line can be horizontal line or a vertical line or any direction
  6. Click again we have two point continuing drawing we can draw many line as we can until we click Sketch Command or close geometry
  7. Next command is Center Line, it is  similar to Line Command but instead of sketching solid line we will get reference line
  8. We can change the solid line to reference line
  9. The last command is Midpoint Line. We click one point and let click again

You should watch total video to understanding deeply about Line Command.

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