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Solidworks 2015 Tutorial – how to draw Circle and Arc


circle and arc
circle and arc
  1. Select the Front Plane and Sketch then look at the Circle Command there are two options : Circle and derimeter Circle
  2. Using Circle Command  we draw the circle with a center and an radius,  and the 1st point we draw circle with a center and an radius we click and define center, and 2nd point we define the radius
  3. If using derimeter circle we create a circle at pass through three point, first we selecting three points

Next moving the Arc Command, there are three options: Center point Arc, Tangent Arc, 3 point Arc

The Center point Arc is similar to the Circle, you should define center. Firstly, click the center of Arc and define radius and also starting point of the Arc. More Arc to select the Arc you want to create and click OK.

In Tangent Arc: – draw a line

–          Select Tangent Arc

–          Click End Point of line

–          See yellow symbol  is the symbol of Tangent

–          Draw Arc

–          We need another point to define end point of the Arc

–          Click Line Command to select more Tangent


This is brief description of this video, click to watch total video.

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