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Solidworks 2015 Tutorial – Dimension fully defined


dimension fully defined
dimension fully defined
  • Step 1: drawing a line of Front Plane
  • Step 2: giving dimension by giving smart Dimension Command
  • Step 3: Select smart dimension and click one line ( define the length of the line, vertical and horizontal distance between two points) it is similar to define for other type of geometry
  • Step 4: Draw circle and selecting smart dimension to define diameter, define the vertical ò second line and the horizontal distance of third line does not change and the diameter of circle also does not change.
  • The dimension has already defined will remain the same dimension unchanged when we move geometry
  • If we define the dimension of the center of the circle from the origin. The circle will turn blue into black that means it is fully define and cannot be moved. Three line are blue because they are not fully defined and it can be moved , the dimension of three line they will change into black
  • All geometries is black, tool bar is fully defines and the sketch is fully defined


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