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SolidWorks 2015- Design Connecting Rod


connecting rod
connecting rod

You should watch the tutorial video and do each steps of guidance in order to Design Connecting Rod

The following steps are:

  1. Make a Sketch, select Front Plane, and make the Center Line starting from the origin
  2. Draw Horizontal , select Central line starting from the origin and do the same things for other circle.
  3. Select dimension for two circle , set the distance
  4. Draw Vertical , select the center line starting from the origin
  5. Select angle
  6. Create 4 points ( set the dimension of 4 points)
  7. Select Sline Command, draw line through six points
  8. Click Mirror Entities
  9. Select Trim Entities
  10. Click Circle and click Targent
  11. Extrude the sketch
  12. Click blind / choose Mid Line
  13. Make Second Sketch
  14. Click Offset Entities, select Curve
  15. Change the dimension
  16. Do the same things for others
  17. Select Trim Command to remove unnecessary
  18. Select Extrude Cut
  19. Choose Solid Bar select Blind
  20. Do the same things with its surfaces
  21. Select Front Plane- draw again Circle
  22. Refine the dimension

–          Choose Mid-Plane option

–          Create two holes, and select the diameter

This is the general guidance, so that understanding deeper to design Connecting Rod, you should watch the video to know further detail.

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