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Solid tools siemens NX


A solid tool is a solid model or assembly that is used as a tool in the Generic Motion operation. The shape of the tool is defined by the solid model, and not by traditional parameters like diameter. For example, you may model probes, painting heads, or other similar devices. Tracking points determine what point on the solid follows the programmed path. All solid tools are library tools.

You can create tools directly from NX solid models and save the tool definitions to the tool library. To use a solid tool in a generic motion operation, retrieve the tool from the library.

When creating or retrieving a tool, there are two subtypes in the solid tool type or class: Generic and Probe . Probing tools include additional parameters to define sensors and stems. Tools created from solids are shown in all display, verify, and simulation commands, and the tool parameters, such as stored tracking points, are available when needed.

Solid modeled tools support:

  • Assemblies

  • Mounting junction and multiple tracking points

  • Special parameters for each tracking point

    • Sensor tip diameter, length and vector (direction)


    • Sensor tip shape


  • Storage in the ASCII library and in Teamcenter.

Where do I find it?

On the Manufacturing Create toolbar, click Create Tool

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