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Sketching Points

Sketcher points are a type of construction geometry which do not contribute to the resulting sketch geometry.
• Sketcher Point uses the following:
– Dimension to theoretical sharps.
– Dimension slanted on arcs.
– Provide an anchor or pivot point in a sketch.

Sketching Points 2
Figure 2 – Dimensioning Slanted

Sketching Points 1
Figure 1 – Dimensioning to Theoretical Sharp on Arcs

Sketching Points 3

Figure 3 – Providing a Pivot Point
Sketching Points
Sketcher Points are created by using the Point icon from the Sketching group in the ribbon. Sketcher points do not contribute to the resulting sketch geometry in a feature. Sketcher points are actually a type of construction geometry.
Sketcher points have the following uses:
• Dimension to theoretical sharps – In Figure 1, a Sketcher Point has been placed at the theoretical corner sharp. As a result, this theoretical sharp can be used for controlling design intent through a dimension.
• Dimension slanted on arcs – In Figure 2, a Sketcher Point has been placed on each arc. As such, a slanted dimension can be created to measure the distance between arc tangencies.
• Provide an anchor or pivot point – In Figure 3, a Sketcher Point has been placed at the intersection of the arc and the vertical and horizontal
references. As such, the angular dimension can be modified, and the  entire sketch pivots about the Sketcher Point.

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