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Sketching Mold Volumes

You can create a mold volume by sketching its shape.
• Sketch-based feature tools include:
– Extrude
– Revolve
– Sweep
– Blend
– Swept Blend
– Use Quilt

Sketching Mold Volumes 2
Figure 2 – Mold Model with No  Mold Volumes
Sketching Mold Volumes

Sketching Mold Volumes 1
Figure 1 – Sketching a Mold Volume

Sketching Mold Volumes 3
Figure 3 – Mold Model with Mold Volume
You can create a mold volume by sketching its shape. Consider the following guidelines when sketching mold volumes:
• The mold volume is a set of surfaces.
• You can use most sketch-based features within Mold mode to create a mold volume. Feature tools you can use include:
– Extrude
— Extrudes a sketch section to a specified depth in the direction normal to the sketching plane.
– Revolve
— Revolves a sketched section by a specific angle around an axis of rotation.
– Sweep
— Sweeps a sketched section along a specific trajectory.
Create constant section sweeps or variable section sweeps.
– Blend tool — Creates a straight or smooth blended volume by connecting several sketched sections.
– Swept Blend trajectory.
— Sweeps a blend section along a specified
– Use Quilt — Creates a volume by referencing a surface or quilt.
• Depending on the tool used and the desired mold volume, it can be beneficial to use the workpiece surfaces as sketching planes for the mold
• The sketch must be closed.

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