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Sketching Lines

Sketched entities are the basis for a solid face or surface of a
3-D model.
• There are two types of
– Line Chain
– Tangent Line
Sketching Lines

sket line 1
Figure 1 – Line Chain

sket line 2
Figure 2 – Tangent Line
There are two main types of lines available in Sketcher:
• Line Chain – Select Line Chain
from the Line types drop-down menu
or right-click and select Line Chain to create a line between two selected
points. Each time you click the mouse, you start a line point or endpoint.
You can continue clicking the mouse to create lines that are chained
together. The endpoint of one line is the starting point of the next line. You
can either middle-click or select another function from the Sketch tab in
the ribbon to terminate line creation.
• Tangent Line – Select Line Tangent
from the Line types drop-down
menu to create a line that is tangent to two circles, two arcs, or a circle and
arc. You can only select arcs or circles when creating a Tangent Line.

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