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Sketching Chamfers

You can create chamfer geometry in a sketch.
Chamfers in Sketcher:
• Can be applied to concave or convex corners.
• Corners do not have to be 90°.
• Entities do not have to intersect.
• Size and angle is based on pick locations.
• Default Chamfer creates construction lines.
• Chamfer Trim removes geometry.

Sketching Chamfers 2
Figure 2 – Chamfer Created
Sketching Chamfers

Sketching Chamfers 1
Figure 1 – Original Sketch

Sketching Chamfers 3
Figure 3 – Chamfer Trim Created
The Chamfer option creates a straight line between selected locations on any two non-parallel entities. When you create a chamfer, construction lines are created leading from the chamfer endpoints to the intersection of the original entities.
You can click Chamfer Trim away the original geometry.
to create a Chamfer and automatically trim Remember the following points when sketching chamfers:
• Chamfers can be applied to either concave or convex corners.
• The corners do not have to be at 90°.
• Entities do not have to intersect.
• The size and angle of the chamfer line is based on pick locations.

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