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Sketches with text

Designs of most models include text, such as model numbers, dates, place of manufacture, brand names, and logos. Text is manufactured into parts using stamping, engraving, or etching methods.

You can add text to an active part sketch, and then select the text for an embossed surface finish.

In the model file, you can add notes to a sketch to document how you shared a sketch, for example. The note is intended for internal use only, and is not used in the annotation.

Customized text

You can add text boxes and geometry-aligned text to sketches. The options you set specify text orientation, font, size, color, stretch, and so on. After creation, you can edit both the text box and geometry-aligned text while in the active sketch. The text change is reflected when the feature, such as an emboss feature, updates.

Text box

The box contains linear text that you enter in the Format Text dialog box. You can move, constrain, and resize the box within the sketch, using the upper left corner of the box as the reference point.

Geometry-aligned text

Unlike the text in a text box, geometry-aligned text is fully constrained to the selected geometry on creation. The text is not limited to a linear configuration, but conforms to the shape of the selected geometry.

Sketch text in decal or emboss feature

Import text for a decal feature only from a .bmp, .doc, or .xls file format. It is an image, not true text.

You can use sketch text for an emboss feature. You first create the text in a sketch, and then finish the sketch and create the emboss feature, selecting the text as the required profile.

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