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Sketch redefined to different plane

In a part or assembly file, use Redefine to move a sketch to a different plane.

To move a sketch to a planar face or work plane, in the browser, right-click the sketch, and click Redefine. You can use constraints and dimensions to position it, and modify its size.

Redefine solutions in designs

Move a sketch from one planar face or work plane to another one to:

  • Reorient a feature on your part.
  • Delete a feature but retain its sketch to reuse it for another feature on a new face or work plane.
  • Redefine the sketch on a new plane or face, change or add dimensions, and then use it to create a feature. For instance, on an edited feature where the face on which the sketch originated no longer exists (such as changing an extrusion to a cut).
  • Relocate the sketch when necessary. Repair a sketch that becomes sick when you delete a feature with dependent sketches and features, and retain the dependent sketches and features. In the browser, an alert symbol displays next to the affected sketch and feature entries. Use Redefine to reassociate the sketch to another planar face or work plane in the assembly.

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