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Sketch properties autodesk inventor

You can view or apply attributes for selected sketch geometry using the Geometry Properties dialog box, which is available in Parts and Assemblies. In Drawings, a similar dialog box called Sketch Properties is available. Color changes to selected geometry are visible after the geometry is no longer selected.

You can view or apply attributes for new or selected sketch geometry using the Sketch Properties toolbar. The toolbar is available in 2D Sketch mode for parts, assemblies, and drawings and 3D Sketch mode for parts. It is also enabled outside of sketch mode for parts and assemblies when a valid sketch object is selected. Color changes to selected geometry are visible after the geometry is no longer selected.

The default settings determine the color of geometry in 2D part, 3D part, 2D assembly, and drawing sketches initially. The defaults are:

  • Linetype is continuous
  • Lineweight is 0.010 inches (0.25 mm)

You can modify these settings for new or existing sketch geometry to achieve the appropriate visual effects.

Characteristics of user-defined sketch geometry attributes

User-defined sketch geometry attributes:

  • Persist and are visible and editable even after you exit Sketch mode.
  • Are retained in the copied geometry both within the same sketch and when pasted into a different sketch.
  • AutoCAD drawing formatting is retained in Autodesk Inventor, but not all linetypes are supported.

User-defined sketch geometry attributes apply to:

  • Newly created sketch geometry.
  • Resulting curves after you use the Split command.
  • Sketch construction geometry.
  • Sketch centerline geometry.

User-defined sketch geometry attributes do not:

  • Change existing mirrored or pattern geometry if you alter the attributes in the base geometry. However, newly created mirrored or pattern geometry match the base attributes of the geometry.
  • Affect newly created fillets or chamfers, which use the default attributes, but you can change their attributes after initial creation.
  • Affect offset sketch geometry.
  • Affect text.


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