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Sketch dimensions siemens NX

Use sketch dimensions to establish the following:

  • Size of a sketch object.

  • Relationship between two objects in a sketch.

  • Relationship between two sketches.

  • Relationship between a sketch and another feature.

Sketch dimensions are displayed like drafting dimensions: they have dimension text, extension lines, and arrows. However, sketch dimensions differ from drafting dimensions because you can change the dimension value. This lets you control a feature derived from a sketch. Sketch dimensions also create an expression you can edit in the Expressions dialog box.

Perpendicular, Horizontal, Vertical, and Angular dimensions maintain their direction when the expression value is set to zero. You can also enter negative values for these dimension types to achieve the same results as using the Alternate Solution command.


Where do I find it?


(Modeling, Shape Studio, Sheet Metal)
Direct SketchInferred Dimensions inferred_dimensions

( Sketch task environment)
Sketch ToolsInferred Dimensions inferred_dimensions


(Modeling, Shape Studio, Sheet Metal)
InsertSketch ConstraintDimensionInferred Dimensions

(Sketch task environment)
InsertDimensionsInferred Dimensions

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