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Site Lighting Layout Revit mep

With your site plan in place and a view that represents the building in relationship to the site, you can now begin to place site lighting fixtures in your model. If you have enabled worksharing in your project, it is best to create a workset for the site lighting plan, or at least for site elements in general. Lighting fixtures that are mounted to the exterior of the building should be
included in this workset if they are to be displayed in the site plan view.
There are a limited number of site lighting fixtures that come with Revit MEP, so it is likely that you will have to get your site lighting families from manufacturers’ websites or create them yourself. The chapters on content creation in Part 5 of this book will equip you with the skills necessary to create any lighting fixture that your project requires.
The topographic surface from a linked Revit site model will not provide you with a face on which to host your fixtures. You can use the option to place your fixtures on a work plane and
associate them with the ground level defined by the building. This will work fine for 2D plan view representation of the site, but if you need to show the site plan in section, elevation, or 3D, you will have to adjust your lighting fixtures to match the topographic elevation of their location. You will not have the ability to adjust the Elevation parameter of your lighting fixture families that are hosted by a work plan or level, so it may be best to use nonhosted families for site lighting. Notice in Figure 12.15 that the elevation of the lighting fixtures is not set to match the topography. Face-hosted fixture families were used in this example since the 3D view is used only for reference.

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