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Simulate Machine Code File siemens NX

This option allows you to select a machine code file and to simulate it using ISV. The system then translates G-code into tool axis positions and presents the results graphically.

MTD model

The MTD model requires:

  • A plug-in installed which you have to initialize with machine-specific information.

  • A cam set-up with tools and part.

  • A machine tool driver that parses G-code and not MOM events.

CSE model

The CSE model only requires the cam setup with tools and part. Because the posted file is for a particular setup, you must place the Machine Coordinate System at the location on the machine that matches what was posted, and name the MCS in agreement with the posted output.

For example: Name the MCS “G54” for a Fanuc-style controller with a work offset of G54. Everything else should be the same as when simulating an NX toolpath from an operation.

To use offsets, such as G54 or G55, in external NC files, you must add an MCS for every offset and name each MCS as follows:

  • For Fanuc using the G54 offset, name the MCS G54.

  • For HeidenhainTNC and Sinumerk using the G54 offset, name the MCS 1.

    This number is the frames defined in the controller.

The CSE model supports contact contour cutter compensation.

Where do I find it?

ToolsSimulate Machine Code File and select the machine code file from your file system.

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