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Sketches and Layers siemens NX

You can Hide and Show sketches from the Part Navigator. You do not need to put each sketch on a different layer to control its visibility. When you open a sketch, the layer that the sketch resides on becomes the work layer. When you exit a sketch, the layer settings …

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Internal and External sketches siemens NX

Sketches that you create from within commands like Variational Sweep, Extrude, or Revolve are internal sketches. Use an internal sketch when you want to associate the sketch with only one feature. Sketches you create independently using the Sketch command are external sketches, and are visible and accessible from anywhere within …

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Sketching in an assembly context siemens NX

You can create and edit sketches while working in the context of an assembly. The Selection Scope (1) and Create Interpart Link (2) options on the Selection bar help you work with sketches in the context of an assembly. Use the Selection Scope option to indicate the selection range you …

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