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Shop Documentation dialog box siemens NX

Report Format

List box.

Lists the default shop documentation template formats.

  • Operation List Select (HTML/Excel)

  • Operation List Select (TEXT)

  • Tool List Select (HTML/Excel)

  • Tool List Select (TEXT)

Output File

File Name

Displays the default output file name. The default name is based on the location and name of the part file.

You can edit the file name or browse to an existing output file to overwrite it with the new output.

Browse for an Output File

Lets you browse for an output file or type the name of an output file that is yet to be created.


Display Output

Opens the Information window for TEXT output or the browser window for HTML output. If you open the output in Excel, you should turn off Display Output, otherwise the output will display in both an Excel and browser window.

Review Tool

Determines whether the NX Post Debug lister window is opened after output is complete.

On Opens the debug tool.

Off Does not open the debug tool.

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