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Shell : Options and Results

Required Step 1

Pick a solid object. An open object may also be picked. If only one object exists, it will be automatically picked.nh2

Required Step 2

Specify open faces, shell direction, and general shell thickness. If you do not pick any open faces, the object will be hollowed only in the middle.

If you select Inside, material will be removed from the existing object. Outside means that the shell will be created outward from the existing object. Both Sides offsets the shell wall equal distances to the inside and outside of the part. See Shell: Parameters for details.nh3

When you have finished setting parameters and picking open faces, press exit.

If this is the final result, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.


Optional Step 1

If you want to create a non-uniform shell (walls with varying thicknesses), proceed to Optional Step 1.


When completed, the Shell will appear in the Feature Tree as follows:nh5

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