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Sew Boundaries option in Rapidform XOR

Sew Boundaries command provides the functionality for precise stitching the gaps between the boundaries of one mesh to fill up the holes in case that the gaps are smaller than a user-assigned tolerance.


How to use Sew Boundaries command

Clickimage47_1356 button on the toolbar, or click Tools > Mesh Tools > Sew Boundaries.



Check Boundary in the Display Tab. You can see the boundary.

Click Auto Estimate button to calculate.


Click OK button.

Options in Detailimage47_1359


l Sew If Gap Is Smaller Than – It is the maximum distance between the poly-vertices to be welded. That is, if two boundary poly-vertices have distance value smaller than this value, they will be stitched.


l Merge Close Vertices– If you check, you can specify the distance in the Within Distance box. Poly-vertices within this distance will be merged.
l Repair Spike Faces – If you check, spike poly-faces will be repaired.

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