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Setting Running Object Snaps

You’ll set three osnaps to run continually for now, until you get used to how
they work:
1. Make sure I05-17-KitchenSink.dwg (M05-17-KitchenSink.dwg)
is open.
2. Right-click the Object Snap button on the status bar, and then
choose Settings from the context menu to open the Drafting Settings
dialog box.
By default, the Object Snap tab is automatically displayed (see
Figure 5.60).

Setting Running Object Snaps

F igu re 5 . 6 0 : The Object Snap tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box
Each of the 13 osnap options has a check box and a symbol next to
it. The symbol appears as a marker in the drawing when you select
a particular osnap and the cursor is near a point where you can
use that osnap. You can select any number of osnaps to be running
3. Click the check boxes next to Endpoint, Midpoint, and Intersection.
Also ensure that the Object Snap On check box is selected in the
upper-left corner of the dialog box.
4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
The Endpoint, Midpoint, and Intersection osnaps will now be active
any time you’re prompted to select a point on the drawing. You can
deactivate them by turning off the Object Snap button in the status
bar or by pressing F3.
Now you’re ready to begin drawing the bathroom. The shower determines the
placement of the other two items, so let’s start there

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