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Selecting the Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Sometimes it’s more efficient to select more objects than you want and then
deselect those you don’t want. You’ll see how this is done when you select the kitchen and bathroom fixtures:
1. Make sure I06-07-SlidingDoor.dwg (M06-07-SlidingDoor.dwg) is
2. To start a crossing window, pick a point in the kitchen area just below
and to the right of the refrigerator but above the back door.
3. Move the cursor to the top left and up until the upper-left corner of
the crossing window is to the left of the left edge of the counter and
inside the back wall, as shown at the top of Figure 6.27

Selecting the Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures 1Selecting the Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures 2

F igu re 6 . 2 7 : A crossing window to select the kitchen objects (top), another
crossing window to select the bathroom objects (middle), and a regular selection
window to select the mirror (bottom)

4. When you have your cursor placement correct, click that point. The
entire kitchen counter area and fixtures are selected.
5. Move down to the bathroom, and pick a point inside the shower
near the bottom-right corner, being careful not to touch any
lines with the crosshair cursor.
6. Move the crosshair cursor up and to the left, until the lower-left
corner of the crossing window is in the middle of the sink (see the
middle of Figure 6.27). When you have the selection window positioned
this way, click that point. All the bathroom fixtures, except the
mirror, are selected.
7. From left to right, drag a regular window that encompasses the mirror,
as shown at the bottom of Figure 6.27. It doesn’t matter whether
the selection window surrounds objects that are already selected.
8. To complete the selection set, drag a crossing selection window that
crosses both of the hot tub polylines that encroach into the living room.
9. Hold down the Shift key, and then pick the selected door and swing
in the bathroom.
Be careful to not pick a grip. As you pick the objects, their lines
become solid again and their grips disappear, letting you know
they have been deselected, or removed from the selection set (see
Figure 6.28). Be sure to pick the inside wall lines in the kitchen at
locations where they don’t coincide with the stove or counter.

Selecting the Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures 3

F igu re 6 . 2 8 : The completed selection set after removing the door swing
and back wall line

10. Release the Shift key.
11. Open the Layer drop-down list, and select the A-FLOR-FIXT layer.
The fixtures are now on the A-FLOR-FIXT layer and are color 11.
12. Press the Esc key to deselect the objects.
13. Save your drawing as I06-08-SelectingFixtures.dwg (M06-08-
SelectingFixtures.dwg) by choosing Application menu ➢ Save
As ➢ AutoCAD Drawing.
The last objects to move onto a new layer are the wall lines. It won’t be
easy to select the wall lines by using conventional methods because so many
other objects in the drawing are in the way. However, because the only objects
remaining on layer 0 are the walls for your cabin, you can use the Select Similar

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